We Lost Our Queen.

Beloved sisters,

On January 28, 2021, we lost our Queen.

The incomparable Cicely Tyson, trailblazer, visionary, icon, slipped from our grasp as gracefully as she moved through life.

Ms. Tyson was a fervent believer in the power of Black women to change the world.  That’s why she chose the roles she chose … roles that showcased the best of us, with all of our beauty and intellect and complexities,  roles that lifted us up, that inspired us, and moved us forward.

And what’s why she was committed to Power Rising from the very beginning.  Because she believed in us, all of us, and in our collective power.  We know you remember her dancing across the stage, engaging Alana in conversation, standing in rapt attention as BeBe Winans sang “Stand.”  She spent that entire weekend with us and we’ve heard so many stories from so many of you, of conversations in the elevators, in the hallways, in the auditorium, at lunch … just quiet moments between you and her as she shared her wisdom, her encouragement, her advice, her praise.  And her closing words to us:  “I am Cicely Tyson and I am Power Rising.”

We were looking forward to hosting Ms. Tyson later this month at our State of The Black Woman conference.  She was so excited about sharing her book and being in conversation with us about all that is happening in the world.  While we won’t have that opportunity now, we will still pay tribute to her during our gathering.   We can’t wait to celebrate Ms. Tyson life and legacy with you.

Until then – celebrate the part of the Cicely Tyson that lives in you:  Bold.  Courageous.  Fearless.  Unstoppable.  Brilliant.  Creative.  Beautiful.  Powerful.

Oh, and buy her book, “Just As I Am.”  It’s amazing!  (Also get the Audible version to hear Ms. Tyson’s own voice.  PRO-TIP:  sit down when she starts speaking cause it’ll take your breath away.)

See you soon!


Leah Daughtry & Minyon Moore