Session Descriptions

Workshop A: 2:15pm-3:45pm

Business & Economic Empowerment: Chastain, 6th Floor

A Brand New You: Mastering Your Career Moves, Chastain C
Moving through life without purpose or intention may mean we miss the opportunities around us. What are the challenges and barriers that prevent us from doing that? This panel will explore what life looks like when you decide to transition to a mind-set where you envision the life you want at work, at home, and master the moves to make it happen
Moderator: Michele Jawando
Jewel Burks
September Hargrove
Tai Beauchamp
Cannon Kent


Your Career Balancing Act: Passion, Power and Wisdom, Chastain D
Hear firsthand as successful women leaders and entrepreneurs host impactful conversations about navigating the worlds of career, family, community and lifestyle. You will feel empowered with an interactive experience that helps to create a visionary roadmap to showcase your #blackgirlmagic.
Moderator: Tracy Sturdivant
Edda Collins Coleman
Andra Hall
Daniella Leger


Financial Freedom 2020: What is the Roadmap to Economic Empowerment, Chastain E
Recent new articles have highlighted the harsh realities of the wealth gap between African American communities and our White counterparts. Of course, this directly impacts Black women as we head households across the nation. How do we build our own economic freedom? Entrepreneurship? Wealth management? Investments? This session will examine what are the barriers and how we can build the tools for our empowerment.
Moderator: Nikitra Bailey
Labriah Lee Holt
Chloe Mckenzie
Adrienne White
Rep. Joyce Beatty


The Future of Black Women’s Work, Chastain J
What does the future of black women work look like? How are Black women’s lives being reflected in industries from across the spectrum? Entrepreneurship? Working in new industries? Work with dignity? Where do we go from here?
Moderator: Hon. Patricia W. Lattimore
Danyelle Solomon
Felicia McDade
Alicia Garza
Rep. Brenda Lawrence

Culture & Community: Piedmont, 12th Floor

Coordinating Resources : Black Women in Philanthropy, Piedmont 1
It has been noted that in times of social and political unrest, people have called on elected officials and those with various forms of influence to support their efforts and cries for change. Not all have been willing, however when and where government and nonprofits have been unable to act, philanthropy has historically taken up the cause. Foundations, public trust and private donors have been funding people-based movements for many years, but in the last decade, we have witnessed Black women lead the fight to support women, girls and communities like never before. In this session, we will hear from some of the nation’s leading philanthropic change agents about what has been done to direct resources to Black women and girls, and how philanthropy can continue to show up for sisters.
Moderator: Nakisha Lewis
Christal Jackson
Kristi Henderson
Julia Beatty
Susan Taylor Batten


Say Her Name: Building a Movement To End State Sanction and the Criminalization of Black Women and Girls, Piedmont 3
Over the last few years, as the Movement for Black Lives has shed much needed light on state sanctioned violence in Black communities, the nation has come to learn the names of countless black men and boys who have lost their lives. However, the dominant narrative has often excluded the names and realities of Black women, girls and femmes – queer, transgender and poor – that have also been victims of a harmful system. This session will bring together activists, at the forefront of this movement, to center Black women, girls and femmes who have been too long invisibilized.
Moderator: Andrea Ritchie
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
Arisha Hatch
Tiffany Loftin


Artivism: Social Justice Through an Artistic Lens, Piedmont 5
For decades, Black women artists and creators have been using their talents and skills to shed light on the injustices of our time. Through dance, song, poetry, and a host of artistic expressions — they have created soundtracks for our movements and installations, which allow us to release pain and experience joy. This session will bring together several artists to discuss how they use art to organize people and express our truths.
Moderator: Jessica Pierce
Anajli Benjamin-Webb
Monica Raye Simpson
Karrington Ballenger
Kimberly Selden


Education & Innovation, Chastain, 6th Floor

Pushed Out and Under Protected: When Black Girls Go Missing, Chastain F
In recent news, the unspoken tragedy of missing Black girls sparked a national outrage in many communities across the country as Washington, DC became the poster child for this issue. Key advocates will lead a candid conversation about the real facts contributing to the pushout of Black girls, tips to keep our young women safe and strategies to address this dilemma head on.
Moderator: Aunna Dennis
Samantha Davis
Angel Barsh


Your Power, Your Consent, Chastain G
This powerful session will address the issue of sexual assault and harassment and its impact on young women. We will discuss how students in grade school and on college campuses are working to build a culture of consent and what tangible resources are available to end campus assault. Attendees will feel empowered as they learn how to best nurture survivors and create healthy & safe environments for young women.
Moderator: Zerlina Maxwell
Latishia AV James
Maya Eaddy


Digital Activism: Your #ForTheCulture Masterplan in Social Impact, Chastain H
Technology advancements has drastically changed the way civic leaders and grassroots advocates share their voice to address the issues that matter most to Black women. However, with the increase in online visibility for Black women has come increased vulnerability and in some cases, threats to Black women’s safety. In this session, we will explore existing digital threats to Black women digital activists and discuss how campaigns and tangible tools can be used to create a safety net for our sisters.
Moderator: Angelique Roche
Nicole Sanders-Abbott
Amy Hunter
Rep. Yvette Clarke


Black Women CREATE: Apps, Coding & Funding Your New Ideas, Chastain I
As the fastest growing business sector in the country, we are becoming top notch creators in every major industry. This session will highlight the inventive spirits of the 21st century Black woman as experts showcase the power of turning your ideals into a successful business.
Moderator: Jotaka Eaddy
Janeya Griffin
Hannah Lucas
Sherri Blount, Esq


Health & Wellness, Augusta, 7th Floor

I Am Not Your Superwoman: Black Women & Self Care, Augusta E
We will address the common challenges facing Black women and their experience of total self-care. Panelists will engage in dialogue about total wellness, balance and the many demands placed on Black women. Participants will gain insight on living their “best lives”.
Moderator: Carla Gaskins-Nathan
Dr. Kathy Haynes
Alexis Posey
Gabrielle Jackson


Social & Physical Health – Black Women and Physical Activity, Augusta G
We will address the best practices for Black women as it pertains to increasing opportunities for physical activity. Panelists will discuss common barriers to engaging in physical activity and ultimately increase Black women’s prevalence for disease. We will share examples of successful programs that can be replicated in your community
Moderator: Dr. Kwamme Anderson
Vanessa Garrison
Dr. Melicia Whitt-Glover
Yvonne Rubie


The Power of the Black Woman Coalition in Action, Augusta H
This session will address the power of building coalitions to mobilize Black women, especially in the area of health. Panelists will represent a diverse cross section of sectors to discuss the trials and triumphs of mobilizing. Coalition building and community engagement strategies will be shared for participants to explore best practices.
Moderator: Shavon Arline-Bradley
Dr. L Toni Lewis
Rev. Leslie Tune
Rep. Gwen Moore

Political Empowerment, Augusta, 7th Floor

How to Run for Office & WIN, Augusta A
Tips and tools for those who want to, are, or should consider running for offices.
Moderator: Muthoni Wambu Kraal
St. Senator Nikema Williams
Brianna Thomas
A’Shanti Gholar
Tishaura Jones
Rep. Robin Kelly


Political Capital: Money is Power, How to Raise and Leverage It, Augusta B
How to leverage our political dollars.
Moderator: Glynda Carr
Alexis McGill Johnson
Aisha Moodie Mills
Sonya Halpern


The Age of Spin – Mastering Political Communications in Today’s Society, Augusta C
Navigating the communications landscape has become a tricky proposition, even for the most talented journalists and media pundits. During this session you will learn from communications experts the strategies to not only get your message across, but how you can develop a message that can reach even the hardest to reach voter.
Moderator: Karen Finney
Danielle Moodie Mills
Melanie Newman
Natasha Alford
Karine Jean Pierre


Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election: Case Study,  Augusta D
What exactly happened in Alabama? Learn why long term organizing and coalition building is important and how this can impact wins.
Moderator: Rep. Terri Sewell
DeJuana Thompson
Adrianne Shropshire
LaTosha Brown


Workshop B: 4:00pm-5:30pm

Business & Economic Empowerment: Chastain, 6th Floor

Create the Life You Deserve, Chastain E
Does your passion drive you? Are you living the life you envision or just living through life. This panel will explore how you use your passion to create the life you envision personally and professionally.
Moderator: Joi Chaney
Adrienne “Tee” Lotson
Jeanine Liburd
Tracey Pickett


We Mean Business: Leveraging Our Financial Power, Chastain D
It’s no secret that Black women are embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship as the fast-growing business sector in America. However, access to capital continues to be the #1 barrier for Black women entrepreneurs. How do we break those barriers and move forward with the life we want to live! Hear from small business owners, policy leads, innovators and corporate leaders as we unlock the barriers that hold us back and embrace all of our gifts and talents
Moderator: Ann Marchant Walker
Dr. Tiffany Jamison
Lisa Cunningham
Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon


When and Where I Enter – Creating Affirming Spaces in the Workplace, Chastain C
In the age of #MeToo and #TimesUP, what does an affirming workplace look like for Black Women? From hair conversations to fair pay and employment discrimination, this panel will discuss what an affirming workplace looks like for Black women today
Moderator: Jocelyn Frye
Fatima Goss Graves
Linnet Miller
Angela Guy


HERStory: Black Women Get It Done, Chastain J
This powerful convening will bring together the collective brainpower of top women executives and Business leaders who are eager to share candid stories about their path to success. TED-Talk style conversations spearhead the importance of career and never stopping to follow your passion and your purpose.
Moderator: Yolanda Caraway
Lori Billingsley
Candace Mitchell
Lisa Bonner
Arsha Jones
Lynette Khalfani Cox


Culture & Community: Piedmont, 12th Floor

The Image of Black Women in Pop Culture and Media, Piedmont 1
From “Mammy” to “Jezebel” to “Ratchet Queen” over the years, Black women have been depicted in many unflattering ways in film, television and on stage – but since sisters have taken their seats in the directing and producing chairs, we have seen a significant shift in the portrayal of Black women in media. In this session, we will hear from industry experts about the struggle to craft the Black woman’s image on our own terms and what battles still lay ahead.
Moderator: Michaela Angela Davis
Erika Alexander
Ebony Janice
Victoria White Mason
Keesha Boyd


Black And Undocumented: Sisters at the Intersection of the Immigration Crisis, Piedmont 2
While immigration dialogues typically center on young people and families of Latinx descent, very rarely are the experiences of Black immigrants included. In this session, will elevate Black women who have been living and fighting for the dignity and humanity of all undocumented people. They will speak about their experiences and what support is necessary to secure the safety and sanctuary for Black and undocumented women.
Moderator: Nekessa Julia Opoti
Patrice Lawrence
Faye Phillip
Rep. Yvette Clarke


One in Three: Overcoming Intimate Partner Violence, Piedmont 3
For decades, statistics have revealed that Black women are three times as likely as their white counterparts to be directly impacted by domestic or intimate partner violence.  Despite the continued risk of harm sisters are fighting back, daily, we have yet to see groundswell action taken in defense of these lives. This session will explore the various ways that intimate partner violence manifests, in our community, and highlight the work being done to counteract these realities.
Moderator: Monica Dennis
Aaryn Lang
Deon Haywood
Jazyln Crawford


Black Feminism 40 years later…What’s next, Workshop B, Piedmont 4
It has been 40 years since the Combahee River Collective met and articulated a vision for Black women that deviated from mainstream feminism and demanded that our race and gender work be intersectional. Now, as we reflect on several decades of Black Feminism, it is critical that we ask ourselves how far we have come and how much further do we have to go.
Moderator: Mocha Ochoa-Nana
Chirlane McCray
Wendi Wallace
Paris Hatcher
Sevonna Brown


Safety Beyond Policing: Organizing for Criminal Justice Reform, Piedmont 5
In this workshop, we will discuss the impact of the criminal justice system on Black women and girls, and explore the organizing efforts underway to foster safe communities.
Moderator: Carmen Dixon
Kassandra Frederique
Felicia Pulliam


Education & Innovation, Chastain, 6th Floor

Safety First: It Takes a Village to Create Supportive Learning Environments, Chastain F,
In this new digital age, young Black girls are faced with new challenges as they strive to succeed as students, community members and civic leaders. From bullying to self-esteem barriers, educators, parents and students will unite to address these issues with the well-known ingredients of #blackgirlmagic: success, confidence and sisterhood.
Moderator: Dyan Smiley
Rev. Dawnique Daughtry
Tyra Satchell
Kimberlin Butler


No More Hidden Figures: The Educational Path to a Career in STEM, Chastain G
As the most educated group in America, young Black women and girls are graduating top of their class at universities in every discipline. However, there are still alarming gaps in the STEM education fields. Women leaders at the forefront of this topic will give attendees tangible solutions to nurture this talented pipeline.
Moderator: Lezli Baskerville
Christina Achampong
Ebony Lee
Rep. Alma Adams


Health & Wellness, Augusta, 7th Floor

Preventative Care vs. Sick Care, Augusta E
We will address myths and misconceptions about Black women and disease.  The real question is: what can Black women do to fight their social and physical battles against chronic disease?  Participants will also engage in a dialogue about the importance of their relationships with culturally competent healthcare providers.
Moderator: Crystal Crawford
Min. Dr. Lisa Ashe
Michele Griffith,MD
Dr. Rhonda Scott


What if they Repeal & Replace?, Augusta F
This session will explore the political intention to destroy the provisions made available in the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Panelists will share what is at stake under the current administration and if the ACA is repealed and replaced.
Moderator: Shavon Arline Bradley
Linda Blount
Jacquelyn Ayers
Tamia Booker
Rep. Robin Kelly


Maternal & Reproductive Health, Augusta G,
This session will offer participants the opportunity to engage in a dialogue about the life span of Black women. Regardless of education and income, Black women are at higher risk of maternal mortality. Panelists will explore the root causes associated with maternal mortality and overall reproductive health.
Moderator: Tyan Parker Dominguez
Leseliey Rose Welch
Dr. Joia Creary Perry
Stacey Stewart
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman


Leave My Body Alone: Organizing & Winning the Repro Way: Augusta H
This session will offer participants the opportunity to enhance their mobilization and organizing skills to enlist in their local communities. Through the Reproductive Justice lens, panelists will share the best practices of organizing and how reproductive justice models for Black Women are relevant to our cause.
Moderator: Alencia Johnson
Monica Raye Simpson
Keauna Gregory
Marcela Howell


Political Empowerment, Augusta, 7th Floor

Running Issue Campaigns to Win Elections, Augusta A
The most prominent sisters in the industry discuss the intersection and differences between working on electoral campaigns and issue advocacy for our communities.
Moderator: State Rep Mable Thomas
Dee Brown
Amber Goodwin
Kierra Johnson
Danielle Atkinson


New School Organizing: Political Organizing in the Digital Age, Augusta B
Every election season, the sophistication of voter engagement efforts increases and becomes more dynamic. Understand new methods for reaching voters – both in-person and digitally – and learn how to maximize your work to effectively increase turnout at the polls.
Moderator: LaToia Jones
Rebecca Thompson
Aimee Allison
Crystal Patterson


Politics As a Profession, Augusta C
Professional political operatives work in a variety of fields including but not limited to non-profits, electoral and civic engagement campaigns, ballot initiatives, Party Committees, consulting and national organizations. This workshop will discuss the role Black women play, challenges to representation and a pipeline to expansion.
Moderator: Simone Ward
Ayanna Pressley
Amanda Brown Lierman
LaDavia Drane
Julie Greene


Politics and the Intersection of Civic Engagement, Augusta D
A discussion on the differences between electoral politics, social justice movements, and civic engagement. Each has its own stream of thinking but should intersect for progress
Moderator: Jessica Byrd
Stefanie Brown James
Rev. Regena Thomas
Bertha Lewis
Rep. Frederica Wilson